Lord Henry sends praise on Die Schöpfung


In an open letter to Palatine-Viceroy Newton von Uberquie, Lord Henry has issued his congratulations to the Palatinate of Uberquiesenberg upon the occasion of Die Schöpfung, Uberquiesenberg’s annual celebration of the state’s creation.

In the letter, Lord Henry “sends [his] regards to you and your nation in celebration of three years of lasting success.”

Throughout the letter, Lord Henry reminds of the two nation’s shared history. Both states were Mercian colonial possessions in 2016, and the heads of state of the nations both served in highly relevant Mercian offices including First Minister and Deputy First Minister.

The two also collaborated during the Vote of No Confidence (VoNC) of Alejandro Whyatt, and during negotiations between the Micronational Economic Group and the Bank of Mercia.

In recent times, bilateral collaboration has increased. During Lord Henry’s tenure as Acting Chair and later Chair of the Grand Unified Micronational, von Uberque has served as Vice Chairman.

Uberquiesenberg’s first foreign relations – excluding those with former colonial father Mercia – were with the Commonwealth. The Treaty of New Halyards established Uberquiesenberg as being militarily protected by Esse, and it also established the County of New Halyards as jointly-administered territory between the two states.

On a personal level, Lord Henry and von Uberquie have also been working on a musical project dubbed The Diarchy, with an album to be released October 28th.

Lord Henry, in the letter, regards Uberquiesenberg as “the Commonwealth’s closest friend,” and points to the consistent collaboration between the two states as evidence. He rallies that the “bond between our states has grown beyond my initial expectations.”

Die Schöpfung is a national holiday in the Palatinate, and it marks the date of establishment of Uberquiesenberg.

The full open letter can be read here.

Lord announces 2018 New Halyards diplomatic venture


On April 27th, 2017, His Illustrious Majesty Lord Henry embarked on a visit to the Newton County, at the time the newest addition into the realms of the Commonwealth. The visit began a new era in the Commonwealth, one where – diplomatically – our nation entered a renaissance which has since continued throughout 2017.

Long anticipated, Lord Henry has confirmed the dates of his second trip to the region in question. However, in April 2018, the Lord of the Commonwealth will not be venturing to Newton County nor the United States of America, but the County of New Halyards.

Symbolically, New Halyards represents Esse’s triumphs this year. Legally, it is territory of both the Commonwealth and Esse’s closest ally, the Palatinate of Uberquiesenberg. The result of the May Treaty of New Halyards, this status makes the 2018 trip Lord Henry’s first official state visit to a foreign ally.

On April 5th, 2018, Lord Henry will arrive in the County of New Halyards alongside several other Essian citizens to reaffirm the Commonwealth’s possession of the territory. The visit will mark the first diplomatic visit of any Essian or Uberquiesenbergian citizen to New Halyards since the agreement was signed in May 2017.

While state visits haven’t been common in the past, Lord Henry has stated informally that he hopes to visit the Paravian State of Galveston at some point before the end of 2017, and he hopes to have Huangdi Brandon of Galveston visit the Palazzo del Clement.

Such a visit would mark the Huangdi’s first visit to the palace since it wasn’t a palace at all, but “Capitol Hall” of the City of Quincy in the Federated States of America.

I am excited to take embark on the venture, and I hope that this will help to continue Essian-Uberquiesenbergian relations to move forward not just through 2017 or 2018, but beyond.

Diarchy releases singles to Spotify


In a bold move for the band, Sandwich Records has announced that the Diarchy – their only contracted act – has a presence on music-streaming giant, Spotify.

The Diarchy, formed through the micronational community in May 2017, is comprised of several musicians, and their first two singles – written and performed by Henry Clément and Newton von Uberquie, respectively – were heavily advertised through said community since “Paper Tiger” was released in early June 2017.

The group, with stated influences being from the Beatles, Mew, Tame Impala, and more, is notable for their instrumental singles and has recently launched a comprehensive promotional campaign for their upcoming self-titled album.

“Paper Tiger,” Clément-written, was heavily based on jazz and blues influences, and was released on 13 June 2017. Only a few weeks later, von Uberquie composed “Superstition Mountains” was released, a track longer and with influences from indie rock and psychadelia.

Both tracks released to acclaim, the band considers the latter to be their most successful work hence far.

While the group had already released their music to YouTube, Soundcoud, and Bandcamp, this library of platforms has expanded, as the group now has their two singles available on Spotify, Shazam, Pandora, and auto-generated YouTube videos.

In a statement, multi-instrumentalist and Sandwich Records CEO Henry Clément said: “We are all very proud to have taken another step in the expression of our musical passions. The next step is obviously the full album, which too will be released in full on Spotify, as well as our other platforms.”

On this same tone, multi-instrumentalist and band producer Newton von Uberquie released a statement in which he said that he is “very excited for this bold move for our band. To move onto new platforms and to spread our music far and wide is a big goal of ours.”

Von Uberquie confirmed to speculation that “the album is taking steady progress and we’ve hit a groove with some of the tracks we’re happy with.”

An official release date for the band’s debut studio album has not been provided, though ballpark estimations have been made speculating anywhere between September and November.

“Overall, I hope we can simply surprise and intrigue listeners and garner a positive response from those who do come across our work, which Spotify truly helps us to do.”

See the Diarchy on Spotify here.

The Green Party’s Civic Duty: Join the Democratic Party


The following editorial was produced by Horatio Eden, Leader of the Opposition in the Essian Parliassam and head of the Essian Democratic Party. The opinions hereafter stated are his own and not those of the Messenger organisation.

The Parliassam has now been filled following a democratic exercise by the populace of the Essian Commonwealth; as head of the minority party, the Democrats, I accept this result and the decision of the populace that the Green Party should be the governing majority in our legislature.

What I can’t accept is that nearly a month has passed since the election and the Heaminister has refused to give a date for the opening of the first session of the Parliassam since the election. When attempts were made by his Lordship to open the legislature in Heaminister Frisch’s place, the Heaminister rejected them, citing an interest in convoking them himself, which the Lord respected.

If the Heaminister is so interested in convening the Parliassam himself, why does he not do so?

In five days, it will have been a month into the second Frisch term without a single action taken, executive or legislative, by the new majority government, and while I am no doubt biased in this respect, I feel the only solution is for the Green Party to reject the inactivity of their party executive and join the Democrats.

I submit three reasons why:

  1. The Democratic Party is ready, given the authority to do so, to set a date for the first session of the legislature within a week of having achieved a majority of the legislature.
  2. The Democratic Party has four significant works of legislation drafted and ready for review by the Parliassam, creating, among other things, a coherent criminal justice system and a system of contract law, as well as condemning the imperialist agenda of the Shorewellese Empire in the Corian matter, something the Essian government could and should have done far earlier – without this bill, Esse risks being delegated to irrelevancy in international affairs, its legislative branch hamstrung.
  3. The Democratic Party and the Green Party have very few differences insofar as legislative agenda; administrative law has proven, micronationally, to be non-controversial in a partisan sense, and both parties seek a resolution to the Beiwing affair that strips the judicial branch of the ability to create new political subdivisions, possibly the most notable Essian issue of our time.

The Parliassam will not convene under Heaminister Frisch. If the Essian Greens truly wish to see an active Essian government, they will see it – as we do – as their civic duty to provide the active Democratic Party leadership with the legislative mandate required to commence the government of the Commonwealth.


For some, progress means abandoning the Courts


We often hear about the great progress being made in the Essian Commonwealth, but there is a hidden demon in our ranks that has hurt the Courts, activity, and the County of Beiwing.

Since the initial appointment of Chief Justice Kit McCarthy in early March, a primary goal of the Frisch Term has been to gain more political autonomy for the County of Beiwing, the direct successor to the United States of Wings.

The United States of Wings was an independent micronation for several months, and in addition a member of the Grand Unified Micronational and Trans-Atlantic Union, the latter an inactive organization.

Beiwingian autonomy was a top priority since the Chief Attorney’s office was filled by Horatio Eden (F-VP), yet has been all but abandoned since the failure in the initial hearing.

The initial case was petitioned and argued on March 15th. With His Honourable Grace McCarthy presiding and Chief Attorney Eden arguing, the case was heard.

The argument was that it was the right of the County of Beiwing to have further autonomy than it had been initially granted.

The Courts – as it is constitutionally required that they have the say in the matter – should allow the creation of a new political subdividion known as an Autonomous Community. Such was the case being argued by the government.

The case was weak, and such was made clear when the ruling went against the favor of the government.

Post-hearing, the Court got chaotic. The Chief Justice, Chief Attorney, and Monarch all exchanged words and a conclusion was made that a new case be filed taking a new angle.

A straightforward hearing had just become the tensest political issue in Essian history.

Not only was the need for an autonomous community subdivision now in question, but it’s constitutional right was too.

The issue in a large end gave rise to the Federalist Party, which favors local governments and wants to do away with court involvement in the subdivision process altogether.

Not only this, but the question was now existent: is the United States of Wings being illegally occupied by the Essian Commonwealth?

The government promised to return for a second hearing. It has now been two months, and nothing has come of a follow-up hearing on the County of Beiwing. The date that would’ve been the Wingian Presidential Elections has passed, and the question of where a Beiwing Autonomous Community would leave off is now an open question.

Elections are now nearing. Heaminister Frisch is now caucusing with the Federalist Party, and the Chief Attorney is officially the leader of it. The Federalists have a known goal of ridding the Commonwealth of its Constitution; or at the very least one section of it.

But we now have to ask ourselves if the Federalist Party – the party that has had two months to file a new petition to free Beiwing – is the right party to have in power as head of government.

Will this become the new norm? Will Beiwing be abandoned until the constitution can be Amended?

It is entirely possible that this question could create a much larger issue. A crisis could be in store for the Commonwealth.

If the Monarch doesn’t support an amendment – a stance that hasn’t been confirmed or denied – the Parliassam has the Constitutional power to amend the document without the Monarch.

Granted they can rally 1/3rd of the population to sign a petition, a vote must be opened in the Parliassam – one discounting a vote from the Monarch and requiring a two-thirds majority to pass.

The Constitution minds the possibility that the Monarch could refuse to sign the amendment; further, it specifies an order of precedence for who legally may sign an amendment if the Monarch refuses.

Firstly, the duties would go to the Heaminister.

With a Macron victory in France, Esse looks forward


The election of Emmanuel Macron – a young centrist – President of the French Fifth Republic on Sunday has the potential to play a significant direct and indirect role in the future of foreign policy in the Essian Commonwealth.

HIllM Lord Henry has confirmed in the Essian Lounge today that he will be sending a letter to the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development at some point after the new government takes office.

This, the Essian Monarch has said, is inspired by the new French President, however is not reliant on it. He says, for example, that the timing does not signal a grievance with the current government’s sovereignty.

Lord Henry plans to congratulate the new government on its victory against far-right opponent Marine Le Pen and wishes to state hopes to collaborate with the new government in facing “major issues in the world.”

“With our hopes to begin playing the role of a nation more than an association of friends, we will begin to make contacts with other nations around the world as events uncoil.”

Essian Independence Day arrives on June 1st, marking two years since the Commonwealth was declared independent from the United States. An Independence Day address will be made by the Monarch and several other government officials for the event.

Perhaps these latest actions are a push by the Monarchy to showcase the progress the government has made from its status as a small rebel breakoff from the Federated States of America two years before.

Independence Day’s placement only one week before the increasingly intense general elections, many Essians will be looking to the reactions of the candidates for inspiration on who will be most representative of the Essian people.

This is increasingly a concern, as all candidates for the Healenship live outside of Essian territory.

Following the French elections, the much-smaller Commonwealth will be running a similar-style election for its Heaminister. Initially the race will feature all candidates, and if a majority is not reached, the top two candidates will go to runoff.

Sandwich TV to revive lost TV production


The show will now be known as Clement!

Over eleven months ago today, then-micronational entrepreneur and Quetico Street superintendent Henry Clement announced plans to produce a micronational television program under the Twain Project Banner, entitled the Micronation Report with Henry Twain.

The concept – drawing inspiration from past projects such as RadioMicro – was received well. In the absence of RadioMicro many micronationalists looked forward to seeing a replacement for the critically acclaimed radio broadcast.

For the fledgling show’s premier, interviews with Mercian MPs Brandon Wu and John Churchill were planned, in addition to an exclusive interview with Mcarthian President Kit McCarthy.

The script for the premier was written and recording nearly completed when the Micronation Report met its ill-fate. The Wu/Churchill interview was scrapped after requests from the subjects and the McCarthy interview never happened – the project slowly died.

Occasionally the Micronation Report is jokingly or sarcastically mentioned by a member of the micronational community, but for the past year nothing has transpired beyond the initial drive.

Now Lord of the Essian Commonwealth (once again), Henry Clement has moved much farther beyond his past achievements with Quetico Street, racking up titles such as Chair of the Micronational Economic Group, MicroWiki Administrator, and Acting Chair of the Grand Unified Micronational.

In a series of Essian cultural initiatives, Clement – on behalf of private enterprise Sandwich Corps – has announced intentions to salvage the Micronation Report and complete the premier under a new working title.

The show, now titled Clement!, will be distributed by Sandwich TV and will feature news, music, interviews, and more, according to a press release by Sandwich Corps.

The Essian Ministry of the Treasury has confirmed that the rights to the Micronation Report’s scripts, recordings, and branding have been purchased by Sandwich Corps, though no amount for the purchase has been provided.

No schedule has been released for the show as of press time.