A guide to Decision 2018

In just six days, Essian voters will head to their nearest voting station to cast a ballot for their representatives in the Parlamenzalochas, and for who will become the third Heaminister of the Essian Commonwealth. As a public service, the Messenger is providing a comprehensive guide to the upcoming election. When is the election, and why? Essians go to the polls on 3 January. The last time … Continue reading A guide to Decision 2018

Hurricane Harvey: Live Updates

This is the Messenger’s live update feed on the developments of Hurricane Harvey and its effects on the Essian Commonwealth, Palatinate of Uberquiesenberg, State of Galveston, and Imperial Federation of Zenrax. All times are in Réma Time. AUGUST 24th 2:56pm New Halyards and it’s surrounding area has been placed under mandatory evacuation by the United States government in advance of the oncoming landfall of Hurricane Harvey. 9:31pm Hurricane bound … Continue reading Hurricane Harvey: Live Updates

Hurricane bound for Esse, disaster conditions declared

UPDATE: Read the Messenger’s live feed regarding the developments of Hurricane Harvey here. Hurricanes are fairly common in the gulf coast region, and yet the last hurricane to strike the U.S. State of Texas – where the Essian Commonwealth is located – was 9 years ago. This will be changing in the coming days. When Hurricane Ike struck the city of Houston in 2008, it caused devastating … Continue reading Hurricane bound for Esse, disaster conditions declared

Lord Henry renounces citizenships

As the Abeldane federal elections of August 2017 drew to their dramatic conclusion, the nation now governed under a Social Ecological Vorsitzender, Newton von Uberquie, also saw the loss of the nation’s Supreme Judge and former Vorsitzender, Lord Henry. An Abeldane citizen since July 2016, Henry has been involved in the vast majority of Abeldane administrations since he gained citizenship, including those of Mike Lewis, … Continue reading Lord Henry renounces citizenships

Lord Henry sends praise on Die Schöpfung

In an open letter to Palatine-Viceroy Newton von Uberquie, Lord Henry has issued his congratulations to the Palatinate of Uberquiesenberg upon the occasion of Die Schöpfung, Uberquiesenberg’s annual celebration of the state’s creation. In the letter, Lord Henry “sends [his] regards to you and your nation in celebration of three years of lasting success.” Throughout the letter, Lord Henry reminds of the two nation’s shared history. … Continue reading Lord Henry sends praise on Die Schöpfung

Lord announces 2018 New Halyards diplomatic venture

On April 27th, 2017, His Illustrious Majesty Lord Henry embarked on a visit to the Newton County, at the time the newest addition into the realms of the Commonwealth. The visit began a new era in the Commonwealth, one where – diplomatically – our nation entered a renaissance which has since continued throughout 2017. Long anticipated, Lord Henry has confirmed the dates of his second … Continue reading Lord announces 2018 New Halyards diplomatic venture

Diarchy releases singles to Spotify

In a bold move for the band, Sandwich Records has announced that the Diarchy – their only contracted act – has a presence on music-streaming giant, Spotify. The Diarchy, formed through the micronational community in May 2017, is comprised of several musicians, and their first two singles – written and performed by Henry Clément and Newton von Uberquie, respectively – were heavily advertised through said … Continue reading Diarchy releases singles to Spotify