With a Macron victory in France, Esse looks forward

The election of Emmanuel Macron – a young centrist – President of the French Fifth Republic on Sunday has the potential to play a significant direct and indirect role in the future of foreign policy in the Essian Commonwealth.

HIllM Lord Henry has confirmed in the Essian Lounge today that he will be sending a letter to the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development at some point after the new government takes office.

This, the Essian Monarch has said, is inspired by the new French President, however is not reliant on it. He says, for example, that the timing does not signal a grievance with the current government’s sovereignty.

Lord Henry plans to congratulate the new government on its victory against far-right opponent Marine Le Pen and wishes to state hopes to collaborate with the new government in facing “major issues in the world.”

“With our hopes to begin playing the role of a nation more than an association of friends, we will begin to make contacts with other nations around the world as events uncoil.”

Essian Independence Day arrives on June 1st, marking two years since the Commonwealth was declared independent from the United States. An Independence Day address will be made by the Monarch and several other government officials for the event.

Perhaps these latest actions are a push by the Monarchy to showcase the progress the government has made from its status as a small rebel breakoff from the Federated States of America two years before.

Independence Day’s placement only one week before the increasingly intense general elections, many Essians will be looking to the reactions of the candidates for inspiration on who will be most representative of the Essian people.

This is increasingly a concern, as all candidates for the Healenship live outside of Essian territory.

Following the French elections, the much-smaller Commonwealth will be running a similar-style election for its Heaminister. Initially the race will feature all candidates, and if a majority is not reached, the top two candidates will go to runoff.


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