For some, progress means abandoning the Courts

We often hear about the great progress being made in the Essian Commonwealth, but there is a hidden demon in our ranks that has hurt the Courts, activity, and the County of Beiwing.

Since the initial appointment of Chief Justice Kit McCarthy in early March, a primary goal of the Frisch Term has been to gain more political autonomy for the County of Beiwing, the direct successor to the United States of Wings.

The United States of Wings was an independent micronation for several months, and in addition a member of the Grand Unified Micronational and Trans-Atlantic Union, the latter an inactive organization.

Beiwingian autonomy was a top priority since the Chief Attorney’s office was filled by Horatio Eden (F-VP), yet has been all but abandoned since the failure in the initial hearing.

The initial case was petitioned and argued on March 15th. With His Honourable Grace McCarthy presiding and Chief Attorney Eden arguing, the case was heard.

The argument was that it was the right of the County of Beiwing to have further autonomy than it had been initially granted.

The Courts – as it is constitutionally required that they have the say in the matter – should allow the creation of a new political subdividion known as an Autonomous Community. Such was the case being argued by the government.

The case was weak, and such was made clear when the ruling went against the favor of the government.

Post-hearing, the Court got chaotic. The Chief Justice, Chief Attorney, and Monarch all exchanged words and a conclusion was made that a new case be filed taking a new angle.

A straightforward hearing had just become the tensest political issue in Essian history.

Not only was the need for an autonomous community subdivision now in question, but it’s constitutional right was too.

The issue in a large end gave rise to the Federalist Party, which favors local governments and wants to do away with court involvement in the subdivision process altogether.

Not only this, but the question was now existent: is the United States of Wings being illegally occupied by the Essian Commonwealth?

The government promised to return for a second hearing. It has now been two months, and nothing has come of a follow-up hearing on the County of Beiwing. The date that would’ve been the Wingian Presidential Elections has passed, and the question of where a Beiwing Autonomous Community would leave off is now an open question.

Elections are now nearing. Heaminister Frisch is now caucusing with the Federalist Party, and the Chief Attorney is officially the leader of it. The Federalists have a known goal of ridding the Commonwealth of its Constitution; or at the very least one section of it.

But we now have to ask ourselves if the Federalist Party – the party that has had two months to file a new petition to free Beiwing – is the right party to have in power as head of government.

Will this become the new norm? Will Beiwing be abandoned until the constitution can be Amended?

It is entirely possible that this question could create a much larger issue. A crisis could be in store for the Commonwealth.

If the Monarch doesn’t support an amendment – a stance that hasn’t been confirmed or denied – the Parliassam has the Constitutional power to amend the document without the Monarch.

Granted they can rally 1/3rd of the population to sign a petition, a vote must be opened in the Parliassam – one discounting a vote from the Monarch and requiring a two-thirds majority to pass.

The Constitution minds the possibility that the Monarch could refuse to sign the amendment; further, it specifies an order of precedence for who legally may sign an amendment if the Monarch refuses.

Firstly, the duties would go to the Heaminister.


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