Diarchy releases singles to Spotify

In a bold move for the band, Sandwich Records has announced that the Diarchy – their only contracted act – has a presence on music-streaming giant, Spotify.

The Diarchy, formed through the micronational community in May 2017, is comprised of several musicians, and their first two singles – written and performed by Henry Clément and Newton von Uberquie, respectively – were heavily advertised through said community since “Paper Tiger” was released in early June 2017.

The group, with stated influences being from the Beatles, Mew, Tame Impala, and more, is notable for their instrumental singles and has recently launched a comprehensive promotional campaign for their upcoming self-titled album.

“Paper Tiger,” Clément-written, was heavily based on jazz and blues influences, and was released on 13 June 2017. Only a few weeks later, von Uberquie composed “Superstition Mountains” was released, a track longer and with influences from indie rock and psychadelia.

Both tracks released to acclaim, the band considers the latter to be their most successful work hence far.

While the group had already released their music to YouTube, Soundcoud, and Bandcamp, this library of platforms has expanded, as the group now has their two singles available on Spotify, Shazam, Pandora, and auto-generated YouTube videos.

In a statement, multi-instrumentalist and Sandwich Records CEO Henry Clément said: “We are all very proud to have taken another step in the expression of our musical passions. The next step is obviously the full album, which too will be released in full on Spotify, as well as our other platforms.”

On this same tone, multi-instrumentalist and band producer Newton von Uberquie released a statement in which he said that he is “very excited for this bold move for our band. To move onto new platforms and to spread our music far and wide is a big goal of ours.”

Von Uberquie confirmed to speculation that “the album is taking steady progress and we’ve hit a groove with some of the tracks we’re happy with.”

An official release date for the band’s debut studio album has not been provided, though ballpark estimations have been made speculating anywhere between September and November.

“Overall, I hope we can simply surprise and intrigue listeners and garner a positive response from those who do come across our work, which Spotify truly helps us to do.”

See the Diarchy on Spotify here.


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