Lord announces 2018 New Halyards diplomatic venture

On April 27th, 2017, His Illustrious Majesty Lord Henry embarked on a visit to the Newton County, at the time the newest addition into the realms of the Commonwealth. The visit began a new era in the Commonwealth, one where – diplomatically – our nation entered a renaissance which has since continued throughout 2017.

Long anticipated, Lord Henry has confirmed the dates of his second trip to the region in question. However, in April 2018, the Lord of the Commonwealth will not be venturing to Newton County nor the United States of America, but the County of New Halyards.

Symbolically, New Halyards represents Esse’s triumphs this year. Legally, it is territory of both the Commonwealth and Esse’s closest ally, the Palatinate of Uberquiesenberg. The result of the May Treaty of New Halyards, this status makes the 2018 trip Lord Henry’s first official state visit to a foreign ally.

On April 5th, 2018, Lord Henry will arrive in the County of New Halyards alongside several other Essian citizens to reaffirm the Commonwealth’s possession of the territory. The visit will mark the first diplomatic visit of any Essian or Uberquiesenbergian citizen to New Halyards since the agreement was signed in May 2017.

While state visits haven’t been common in the past, Lord Henry has stated informally that he hopes to visit the Paravian State of Galveston at some point before the end of 2017, and he hopes to have Huangdi Brandon of Galveston visit the Palazzo del Clement.

Such a visit would mark the Huangdi’s first visit to the palace since it wasn’t a palace at all, but “Capitol Hall” of the City of Quincy in the Federated States of America.

I am excited to take embark on the venture, and I hope that this will help to continue Essian-Uberquiesenbergian relations to move forward not just through 2017 or 2018, but beyond.


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