A guide to Decision 2018

In just six days, Essian voters will head to their nearest voting station to cast a ballot for their representatives in the Parlamenzalochas, and for who will become the third Heaminister of the Essian Commonwealth. As a public service, the Messenger is providing a comprehensive guide to the upcoming election.

When is the election, and why?

Essians go to the polls on 3 January. The last time Essians voted was 22 June, when the Green Party won a sixty percent majority in the Parlamenzalochas. It’s important to note that the number of seats in the Parlamenzalochas is never certain, and the election results are not binding; the Monarch has the final say on all appointments.

In June, Heaminister Frisch was reelected to his post by a supermajority of voters. The Greens operated a majority government under his authority. During this time, the Frisch government filed the “2017 Electoral Petition,” which asked Lord Henry to change the period between elections from one year to six months. The Monarch decreed the petition into law, but it was intended that the petition would not take effect until after the next election, informally planned to be held in May 2018.

Heaminister Frisch’s sudden resignation in November altered this plan, and so Lord Henry decreed the next election to be held 3 January, appointing himself Heaminister in the interim.

Right. So who’s competing for the Parlamenzalochas?

Essians get to choose between two registered political parties: the Greens and the Democrats. These two parties have been the sole parties in the Commonwealth since the last election, when their predecessors were dissolved.

The Greens are the party of former Heaminister Frisch, and have led a majority government since the June election. They were responsible for solving the Beiwing crisis (a central issue in the last election), the negotiation of the Treaty of Evansberg, and the ratification of the Micronational Declaration on Ecological Stewardship.

A Green campaign poster.

Since the departure of former leader and Heaminister Frisch, the Greens have radicalized under the reign of eco-socialist MPs Artemis Langford and Newton von Uberquie.

The Democrats have a much less seasoned history. Since the June election, they have had three leaders, have been led in the Parlamenzalochas by three different leaders of the opposition, and aside from Horatio Eden’s brief stint as opposition leader, they have been almost completely inactive.

Despite this, a sudden and swift turnaround has the Democrats now the largest political party in the Commonwealth, and with a new leader and fresh membership, the party vows to be an active administration if elected.

Who are the candidates for Heaminister?

Each party has put forward one candidate in the Heaminister election.

The Greens have put forward Artemis Langford, who under the Second Frisch Term served as Minister of Charities. She is currently serving as Foreign Affairs Minister under His Majesty’s Term.

The ongoing election is one of the most important elections that Esse shall have in a long time. And it is important, that the Essian people choose a leader who can represent their interests in the best way possible. My opponent, Tarik Karjasari, is a great person, and its been an honor to run against him. Though while I deeply respect him, I oppose the Democrats, as inactivity has crippled their party, and it will not be the best interests for the Essian people to vote for the Democrats. Which is why it is so important to vote Greens, in this election, who can get the job done, and restore the heart of Esse culture.

-Artemis Langford

The Democrats have put forward their new leader, Tarik Kârjasary, who, alongside former Greens Brandon Wu and Patrick Renwick, is the one responsible for the revitalization of the formerly-dead party.

A Democrat campaign poster.

Who is going to win?

Opinion polls for the election began as early as early as three days after the June election, and have continued into the campaign season. Earlier polls had the Greens leading by a significant margin, but this shifted only days after the election was declared.

Pollster Release date G D Other Lead
June election results 22-6-2017 56% 44% N/A 12%
Messenger 25-6-2017 75% 25% N/A 50%
Messenger 28-6-2017 66% 33% 33%
Messenger 29-6-2017 75% 25% 50%
Messenger 21-8-2017 57% 14% 29% 28%
Messenger 30-8-2017 75% 0% 25% 50%
Messenger 1-9-2017 67% 33% N/A 34%
Elections declared (22 Nov)
Messenger 23-11-2017 50% 0% 50% tie
Messenger 26-11-2017 50% 25% 25% 25%
Messenger 13-12-2017 33% 67% N/A 34%
Messenger 16-12-2017 25% 50% 25% 25%
Messenger 20-12-2017 33% 67% N/A 34%
Messenger 24-12-2017 33% 67% 34%
Messenger 27-12-2017 25% 75% 50%

What happens after the election?

Immediately after polling stations close, the results will be compiled and handed to Lord Henry. Before the final results are released to the public, Lord Henry will determine his appointees to the Parlamenzalochas and his appointee to the Healenship, using the election results as advice in making the decision.

Once he announces his appointees, Lord Henry will contact both party leaders to negotiate the new government. Issues that will be negotiated will be whether or not a coalition will be formed to bridge the parties and form a majority, as well as who will hold what offices in the government.

In the case of the June election, this process took three days. Whatever happens this time around, Essians should expect a similar lame duck period.

The Messenger will continue to post updates as the election unfolds.


Hurricane Harvey: Live Updates

This is the Messenger’s live update feed on the developments of Hurricane Harvey and its effects on the Essian Commonwealth, Palatinate of Uberquiesenberg, State of Galveston, and Imperial Federation of Zenrax. All times are in Réma Time.


2:56pm New Halyards and it’s surrounding area has been placed under mandatory evacuation by the United States government in advance of the oncoming landfall of Hurricane Harvey.

9:31pm Hurricane bound for Esse, disaster conditions declaredEssian Messenger.


1:31pm As of publishing, the Clementine sector has not seen any significant rainfall, whereas the regions surrounding New Halyards are seeing heavy rain and high-speed winds.

2:01pm The Essian Weather Service has confirmed that Hurricane Harvey is now a Category 3 major hurricane.

2:16pm The capital of the Imperial Federation of Zenrax is currently anticipating between 6 and 15 inches of rain and gale force winds.

3:42pm Hurricane Harvey is anticipated to make its initial landfall about 18 miles north of the County of New Halyards. New Halyards has been on disaster warning from the Essian government for over 24 hours.

6:22pm Hurricane is now officially considered a Category 4 hurricane, and will be making landfall imminently near Rockport, Texas.

8:01pm The eyewall of the Category 4 Hurricane Harvey has begun moving onshore on the mid-Texas coast. New Halyards sustained wind is about 90 miles per hour.


7:52am Heaminister James Frisch has urged Essian citizens to “stay safe” as a weakened Hurricane Harvey nears both Esse and the State of Galveston.

10:05am Initial reports from New Halyards show that the county’s capital, Oliveira de Platta, has sustained minor damages due to the events which transpired over the past 24 hours. Heavy wind remains, and as such local officials are not yet able to provide details.

12:25pm A state of emergency has been declared for Atlantis, Beiwing, Réma, Vespucciland, and Whesthampton, and the Palazzo del Clement has stated that it is at the ready to declare a state of disaster when necessary.

12:30pm Officials from the Réma Weather Station will be taking a drive through several Clementine counties to assess current damages and to prepare said counties for the incoming front, expected to arrive by 3pm Réma Time.

3:44pm Réma and its surrounded areas are expected to receive up to 8 inches of rain from 4pm Saturday to 4pm Sunday, a rain gauge has been installed in Palazzo del Clement to measure the amount of rain in conjunction with American news services.

6:51pm About one dozen tornadoes have touched down in the greater city of Houston in the past 24 hours, several in the general vicinity of the Clementine sector.

10:35pm The Réma rain gauge has found 2.5 inches of rain to have been dropped in the capital city since its installation earlier today. Conditions have been worsening, with wind picking up and rain expected to continue through the night. Power has become unstable as lights in the capital city have been flickering.

10:46pm In Zenrax, Water damage is minimal, but the ground can hold little more rain without flash floods. The Zenraxian border river is expected to begin spilling over promptly.

10:47pm H-E-B, a major grocery chain throughout the American south and specifically Texas, has been increasing water prices while demand has drastically risen during the ongoing weather events.


8:48pm The Réma rain gauge overflowed last night. Roads have begun to flood due to lasting rainfall, and nearby school districts have cancelled classes for Monday and Tuesday.

11:50am The Austenasian Crown Dependency of Dekker has reported no major damages or negative effects from Hurricane Harvey. Réma has been making preparations for a disaster declaration.

12:00pm The Palazzo del Clement has upgraded the Clementine counties from a state of emergency to a state of disaster, and has announced that the event is officially the most catastrophic event in the history of the Essian Commonwealth.

12:43pm Réma and surrounding area has been placed under tornado warning, and it is thought that a tornado has touched down nearby as of press time.

6:54pm Harris County Judge Ed Emmitt states that “we still have 2, possibly 3 days of this,” and clarifies that the US government doesn’t know where rain will be falling tonight.

10:11pm The Réma rain gauge has recorded 2 inches of rain since 8pm Réma time, providing an average of about 1 inch of rainfall per hour.

10:15pm Lord Henry and Huangdi Brandon Wu have begun holding a joint press conference through the Micronational Lounge Discord server.


10:58pm The city of Houston has released several evacuation orders for small areas in the southern sector of Houston. No known micronations are included in these mandatory evacuation orders.

Hurricane bound for Esse, disaster conditions declared

UPDATE: Read the Messenger’s live feed regarding the developments of Hurricane Harvey here.

Hurricanes are fairly common in the gulf coast region, and yet the last hurricane to strike the U.S. State of Texas – where the Essian Commonwealth is located – was 9 years ago. This will be changing in the coming days.

When Hurricane Ike struck the city of Houston in 2008, it caused devastating damage. The Essian Commonwealth didn’t exist at the time, but those instrumental in the founding of the Commonwealth and the Federated States still lived through the events.

Now, after nearly a decade, a new hurricane threatens the same land. Hurricane Harvey, which is predicted to reach as high as a Category 4 by landfall, is predicted to cause immense damage to the wide coastline it will be striking.

There has been only one event since the creation of the Clementine nations that is comparable to the damage anticipated for Hurricane Harvey, the April 2016 storm complex, which brought record-setting amounts of rain and flooding and saw the death of 8 individuals.

The hurricane, which is expected to make landfall nearly directly on top of the County of New Halyards, is a threat to four nations which claim land in the regions.

Lord Henry released the Commonwealth’s first-ever disaster warning early Thursday afternoon in preparation for the event, and shortly thereafter the State of Galveston released a similar declaration.

The Palatinate of Uberquiesenberg – which jointly controls New Halyards – urged citizens to stay safe.

New Halyards, which borders Port Aransas, Texas, saw a mandatory evacuation on Thursday as the hurricane began to rapidly grow.

While New Halyards is by far the most threatened out of the Essian Commonwealth, the Clementine sector of the Commonwealth (Counties of Atlantis, Beiwing, Rema, Vespucciland, and Whesthampton and Evansburg Riding) is at risk as well. the Palazzo del Clement considers flood risk “high” in the region, and considers Harris County – the American county bordering Esse – to be “unprepared,” despite the cities history with Tropical Storm Allison, Hurricane Ike, and the 2016 Storm Complex.

It is my unfortunate duty to announce that New Halyards and it’s surrounding area has been placed under mandatory evacuation by the United States government in advance of the oncoming landfall of Hurricane Harvey.
In conjunction with this, the Essian government announces that it is issuing it’s first ever weather disaster warning in preparation for landfall.
Questions will be fielded promptly. Please wish for the best for our lands.

The State of Galveston is declaring a state of emergency in its Capital Territories in preparation of landfall of Hurricane Harvey in approximately 24 hours. Citizens are currently not required to evacuate at this time due to the inland location of our claimed area.

Risk for flooding is high, and rain is expected to continue from late Friday night to as late as Wednesday. Height totals could reach as high as 25 inches and as low as 10 inches. Beyond this much, the Essian Weather Service says, they “cannot accurately predict weather for the Clementine region beyond precipitation.”

The Essian and Uberquiesenbergian governments are both prepared to take necessary actions in response to the hurricane’s impact, and have stated their intentions to work together to preserve New Halyards.

A wide range of schools have cancelled classes for the coming days. Houston ISD has cancelled Monday, and Lord Henry and Huangdi Wu’s district has officially cancelled all classes on Friday, August 25th.

Updates will be added as they become available.


Lord Henry renounces citizenships

As the Abeldane federal elections of August 2017 drew to their dramatic conclusion, the nation now governed under a Social Ecological Vorsitzender, Newton von Uberquie, also saw the loss of the nation’s Supreme Judge and former Vorsitzender, Lord Henry.

An Abeldane citizen since July 2016, Henry has been involved in the vast majority of Abeldane administrations since he gained citizenship, including those of Mike Lewis, Eden, Hardy (II), his own Twain administration, Brazeau, and Renwick (II, III, IV).

In all ministries since his Vorsitzendership, Henry has served informally as a senior adviser.

But it isn’t only Abelden that has seen the loss of one citizen. Mercia has not only lost Lord Henry as one of their citizens, but has seen the loss of the Domain of Esse. A Mercian colony, the Domain has announced its legal separation from Mercia only five days ahead of the colony’s one year anniversary of union with the now-Diarchy.

This action, taken by Lord Henry personally, ends a fifteen-month-long era in the Clementine nations fueled by dual citizenships – since May 2016, Henry has been considered a legal and consenting citizen of nearly twenty micronations during different periods.

In the statement released from the Palazzo del Clement, Lord Henry says “We, in our intention to set a more positive example in our community, announce our intention to renounce our citizenships in the Abeldane Empire and the Kingdoms and Lands Represented in the Council of the Triarchal Crowns of the Disciples.”

The statement proceeds to confirm that this means the secession of the Domain of Esse from Mercia.

The Essian Commonwealth will, as should be expected, persevere through any incoming troubles,” the statement proclaims, “and will continue to work in its utmost to serve as an example for the community.”

In mid to late 2016, there were a growing number of online-based micronations all containing the same group of core politicians.

A phenomenon now dubbed “citizen-sharing,” Henry was considered one of the foremost participants in said activity throughout the latter half of 2016.

For most of 2017, Henry has spoken out against citizen-sharing, claiming it to be “susceptible to long-term inactivity” and the “loss of unique culture and physical experiences.”

Citizen-sharing was a debated issue during the Abeldane electoral campaign, being an included question in the SiV Phonograph’s interview of Vorsitzender candidates.

Henry has, over the past eight months, held himself on a long-running and much-publicized attempt to withdraw from all micronations but his own.

Henry now has citizenship in two micronations: Esse and the Empire of Paravia. His Paravian citizenship is claimed to be warranted due to the State of Galveston being situated in the Clementine sector and protected by the Commonwealth.

Read the full statement here.


Lord Henry sends praise on Die Schöpfung

In an open letter to Palatine-Viceroy Newton von Uberquie, Lord Henry has issued his congratulations to the Palatinate of Uberquiesenberg upon the occasion of Die Schöpfung, Uberquiesenberg’s annual celebration of the state’s creation.

In the letter, Lord Henry “sends [his] regards to you and your nation in celebration of three years of lasting success.”

Throughout the letter, Lord Henry reminds of the two nation’s shared history. Both states were Mercian colonial possessions in 2016, and the heads of state of the nations both served in highly relevant Mercian offices including First Minister and Deputy First Minister.

The two also collaborated during the Vote of No Confidence (VoNC) of Alejandro Whyatt, and during negotiations between the Micronational Economic Group and the Bank of Mercia.

In recent times, bilateral collaboration has increased. During Lord Henry’s tenure as Acting Chair and later Chair of the Grand Unified Micronational, von Uberque has served as Vice Chairman.

Uberquiesenberg’s first foreign relations – excluding those with former colonial father Mercia – were with the Commonwealth. The Treaty of New Halyards established Uberquiesenberg as being militarily protected by Esse, and it also established the County of New Halyards as jointly-administered territory between the two states.

On a personal level, Lord Henry and von Uberquie have also been working on a musical project dubbed The Diarchy, with an album to be released October 28th.

Lord Henry, in the letter, regards Uberquiesenberg as “the Commonwealth’s closest friend,” and points to the consistent collaboration between the two states as evidence. He rallies that the “bond between our states has grown beyond my initial expectations.”

Die Schöpfung is a national holiday in the Palatinate, and it marks the date of establishment of Uberquiesenberg.

The full open letter can be read here.


Lord announces 2018 New Halyards diplomatic venture

On April 27th, 2017, His Illustrious Majesty Lord Henry embarked on a visit to the Newton County, at the time the newest addition into the realms of the Commonwealth. The visit began a new era in the Commonwealth, one where – diplomatically – our nation entered a renaissance which has since continued throughout 2017.

Long anticipated, Lord Henry has confirmed the dates of his second trip to the region in question. However, in April 2018, the Lord of the Commonwealth will not be venturing to Newton County nor the United States of America, but the County of New Halyards.

Symbolically, New Halyards represents Esse’s triumphs this year. Legally, it is territory of both the Commonwealth and Esse’s closest ally, the Palatinate of Uberquiesenberg. The result of the May Treaty of New Halyards, this status makes the 2018 trip Lord Henry’s first official state visit to a foreign ally.

On April 5th, 2018, Lord Henry will arrive in the County of New Halyards alongside several other Essian citizens to reaffirm the Commonwealth’s possession of the territory. The visit will mark the first diplomatic visit of any Essian or Uberquiesenbergian citizen to New Halyards since the agreement was signed in May 2017.

While state visits haven’t been common in the past, Lord Henry has stated informally that he hopes to visit the Paravian State of Galveston at some point before the end of 2017, and he hopes to have Huangdi Brandon of Galveston visit the Palazzo del Clement.

Such a visit would mark the Huangdi’s first visit to the palace since it wasn’t a palace at all, but “Capitol Hall” of the City of Quincy in the Federated States of America.

I am excited to take embark on the venture, and I hope that this will help to continue Essian-Uberquiesenbergian relations to move forward not just through 2017 or 2018, but beyond.


Diarchy releases singles to Spotify

In a bold move for the band, Sandwich Records has announced that the Diarchy – their only contracted act – has a presence on music-streaming giant, Spotify.

The Diarchy, formed through the micronational community in May 2017, is comprised of several musicians, and their first two singles – written and performed by Henry Clément and Newton von Uberquie, respectively – were heavily advertised through said community since “Paper Tiger” was released in early June 2017.

The group, with stated influences being from the Beatles, Mew, Tame Impala, and more, is notable for their instrumental singles and has recently launched a comprehensive promotional campaign for their upcoming self-titled album.

“Paper Tiger,” Clément-written, was heavily based on jazz and blues influences, and was released on 13 June 2017. Only a few weeks later, von Uberquie composed “Superstition Mountains” was released, a track longer and with influences from indie rock and psychadelia.

Both tracks released to acclaim, the band considers the latter to be their most successful work hence far.

While the group had already released their music to YouTube, Soundcoud, and Bandcamp, this library of platforms has expanded, as the group now has their two singles available on Spotify, Shazam, Pandora, and auto-generated YouTube videos.

In a statement, multi-instrumentalist and Sandwich Records CEO Henry Clément said: “We are all very proud to have taken another step in the expression of our musical passions. The next step is obviously the full album, which too will be released in full on Spotify, as well as our other platforms.”

On this same tone, multi-instrumentalist and band producer Newton von Uberquie released a statement in which he said that he is “very excited for this bold move for our band. To move onto new platforms and to spread our music far and wide is a big goal of ours.”

Von Uberquie confirmed to speculation that “the album is taking steady progress and we’ve hit a groove with some of the tracks we’re happy with.”

An official release date for the band’s debut studio album has not been provided, though ballpark estimations have been made speculating anywhere between September and November.

“Overall, I hope we can simply surprise and intrigue listeners and garner a positive response from those who do come across our work, which Spotify truly helps us to do.”

See the Diarchy on Spotify here.