Sandwich TV to revive lost TV production


The show will now be known as Clement!

Over eleven months ago today, then-micronational entrepreneur and Quetico Street superintendent Henry Clement announced plans to produce a micronational television program under the Twain Project Banner, entitled the Micronation Report with Henry Twain.

The concept – drawing inspiration from past projects such as RadioMicro – was received well. In the absence of RadioMicro many micronationalists looked forward to seeing a replacement for the critically acclaimed radio broadcast.

For the fledgling show’s premier, interviews with Mercian MPs Brandon Wu and John Churchill were planned, in addition to an exclusive interview with Mcarthian President Kit McCarthy.

The script for the premier was written and recording nearly completed when the Micronation Report met its ill-fate. The Wu/Churchill interview was scrapped after requests from the subjects and the McCarthy interview never happened – the project slowly died.

Occasionally the Micronation Report is jokingly or sarcastically mentioned by a member of the micronational community, but for the past year nothing has transpired beyond the initial drive.

Now Lord of the Essian Commonwealth (once again), Henry Clement has moved much farther beyond his past achievements with Quetico Street, racking up titles such as Chair of the Micronational Economic Group, MicroWiki Administrator, and Acting Chair of the Grand Unified Micronational.

In a series of Essian cultural initiatives, Clement – on behalf of private enterprise Sandwich Corps – has announced intentions to salvage the Micronation Report and complete the premier under a new working title.

The show, now titled Clement!, will be distributed by Sandwich TV and will feature news, music, interviews, and more, according to a press release by Sandwich Corps.

The Essian Ministry of the Treasury has confirmed that the rights to the Micronation Report’s scripts, recordings, and branding have been purchased by Sandwich Corps, though no amount for the purchase has been provided.

No schedule has been released for the show as of press time.

Mystic Jubbia of the Harrifans


In a new decree made by Lord Henry of the Commonwealth, some shocking and surprising changes are being made in the Essian Commonwealth, the first being a change in the nation’s name. Esse is now known as the Mystic Jubbia of the Harrifans.

His Harrifanatic Majesty, Lord Henry has also changed his title and has declared the national currency to by the Jubbian Dollar, money that appears to parody the US dollar, but with the addition of George Harrison.

The Lord claims these actions to be completely serious, saying “you think I’m kidding? Bet.” The action has the full support of the Clementine population of the country.

He has also “created” a new flag, which in short is a picture of George Harrison from the cover of the Beatles’ album A Hard Day’s Night. The Coat of Arms is a picture of an original record of the album Abbey Road.

Henry says that to the intermicronational world, he expects the “utmost respect of the name change,” and insists that “if the Essian population throws a fit, it’ll be changed to normal within 24 hours.” He still insists, nevertheless, that he has the nation’s support.

It is well-documented that Esse has a strong musical culture, primarily focused around the Beatles. Nevertheless, this is an extreme step in that direction, essentially making the nation a culturally-themed state.

Henry has also implied that a referendum on the name might be held in the future.

Whether there will be any more changes has yet to be determined, however Henry has hinted that he does intend to see increased cultural development. Perhaps this could be a system to go about doing that.

Bear in mind that none of this information has been confirmed as accurate.

Lord announces visit to Newton County


Flag of Newton County

His Illustrious Majesty, Lord Henry, has announced his intentions to take a government-sanctioned visit to Newton County in late April shortly following the new-Counties incorporation into the Commonwealth.

Speculation regarding the potential creation of a county in the area of Corpus Christi, United States had been occurring for several weeks before the decree was filed by Lord Henry on March 25th forming Newton County.

Much of this speculation existed do to the known fact that the Lord would begin making annual visits to the region this year with the Amoena Simphonia. Questions had risen over whether or not this warranted an annexation existed but were disregarded.

With the Amoena Simphonia, Lord Henry will be visiting Newton County for competition from April 27th to April 30th this year in a trip that Henry will be combining with a wish to familiarize himself with the Commonwealth’s newest addition.

The region is the most challenging when it comes to administration, being over three hours away from its closest counterpart in Essia. In fact, the Capital of the Imperial Federation of Zenrax is significantly closer to Newton County than any region of the Commonwealth.

“This trip is an important part of welcoming a new County to our Commonwealth,” the Lord said on Sunday, while adding that “Newton is a proud addition to Esse, and we hope to swiftly find the necessary representation for her.”

Meanwhile, questions on who is most suitable to represent Newton County are rising.

It is possible that the vacancy in the Wardenship could be filled by a current citizen. Though, considering the position of the County it is possible that a foreigner could be brought into the office to better represent the County.

Potential candidates for this office could therefore be any former member of the Federated States of America; citizens of the late nation are  constitutionally entitled to citizenship rights.

This in mind, no former politician in the Federated States is actively on positive terms with His Illustrious Majesty. Brandon Wu and John Churchill, the two most well-known of the late micronation aside from Henry, are both no longer micronationally active.

Talks of someone – possibly even a local to the area – taking over the jurisdiction has occurred, however nothing has developed from it as of yet.