Essian Order releases new recipient list

A snapshot of the press release published this afternoon. A PDF of the document can be recovered here.

The Essian Order – which has remained dormant under the authority of the Essian Historical Society since the Commonwealth’s 2018 dismantlement – releases a new, reformed list of Order awardees in collaboration with the former ruling House of Clemens.

REMA – Undoubtedly, since the founding of the Grand Duchy of St.Clemens in 2016, the Order of St.Clemens had become the most notable route used to honor those who have been fantastic friends and contributors to the Houston sector.

The next year saw the Order’s first major reformation, as it was rebranded as the Essian Order and the structure was reimagined. The premise of its awarding, however, remained very much the same, and a late 2017 decree of awardees soon became the Order’s last class before Essian dismemberment in early 2018.

The Essian Historical Society, in a press release published today, has worked in conjunction with the desires and interests of the House of Clemens in order to publish a new, complete list of the awardees. The structure of the order goes unchanged in this release, and there are no new awardees to the Essian Order, however there have been several shuffles in the titles/ranks granted to individuals.

The Order ended its time under the Essian Commonwealth with 26 recipients. The new list consolidates that number down to 18 in a move the Order briefly identified as being do to “changed relationships, both professional and personal.” Generally, it is thought that the Order wishes to make itself a more selective and exclusive group of individuals, making the post-Essian honor of the Order a more meaningful receipt.

Several longtime Order members saw themselves promoted to a higher rank in the Order. Stephen Freayth and former Heaminister Tarik Karjasaray ascended to the rank of Knight, an honor previously reserved for Houston sector co-founder John Churchill, and Newton von Uberquie – a longtime friend and collaborator with the Monarchy – ascended to the highest rank of the Order, Grand Knight, in a surprising course of action. Both the ranks of Grand Knight and Knight had previously been reserved for Houston sector co-architects, and Lord Henry had previously stated his hesitation in awarding those ranks to anyone outside said core group due to Churchill and Brandon Wu’s otherworldly impact on the early days of the sector.

In a brief statement given to the Messenger, former Lord of the Commonwealth and current Head of the EHS said that Newton, Stephen, and Tarik have given “more than they could ever know” to the Houston sector and the Commonwealth’s legacy, and “deserved to receive the honor they have been given.”

In regards to the several recipients who saw their rank drop in the new release, Henry stated the following:

For those who saw a fall in their rank, in most every case – with an exception or two – it wasn’t about any negativity or fall in relationships but more just a reformation of the way the Order awards. Even back in 2017, the ranks were getting rather top-heavy, and back then I didn’t want to demote anybody. That same dilemma came with this release, but in the end I decided that it was necessary so that we didn’t award anyone undeserving to the bottom rank to fill it out, thereby tainting the honor of membership in the Order.

The Messenger wishes to congratulate all those who have been honored as members of the Essian Order, and extend its appreciation for their otherworldly contributions to the Commonwealth’s legacy.


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